Selected Performances: 2019 - 2017

Oct 15 with Nadah El Shazly Cairo

Oct 5-8 Floy Krouchi: Sonic Totem at DreamCity Tunisie Festival Tunis

Sept 26-27 Yoshiko Chuma and the School of Hard Knocks at 92Y NYC

Sep 18 Malcolm Mooney ft. Steve Shelley at Union Pool NYC

Sep 14 Launch of BRAHJA (RRGEMS Records) at Resonance! Montreal

Sept 8 Notable Deaths with The Veazies at Magical Pictures Philly

Sept 1 Notable Deaths at Hart Bar with Elima Nacion NYC

Aug 11-30 opening for Godspeed You! Black Emperor on solo sax North America

Aug 11-30 playing with Godspeed You! Black Emperor North America Tour

Aug 2 Heroes Are Gang Leaders at Jazz Em Agosto Lisbon

July 10-12 Micro tour with Notable Deaths & The Veazies Northeast

July Residency with Yoshiko Chuma at Invisible Dog NYC

June 26 Solo at Synesthesia NYC

June 17 Duo with Mette Rasmussen at the Record Shop NYC

June 16 Heroes Are Gang Leaders at Vision Festival NYC

June 13 Yoshiko Chuma at Vision Festival, Roulette NYC

June 5-12 Nadah El Shazly tour US/Canada

May 25-29 MoE tour UK

May 18 Duo with Thurston Moore at Souffle Continu Paris

May 10-30 Anne Waldman & Fast Speaking Music tour Europe

May 9 Solo at Les Atelier Claus Brussels

April 17-28 Nadah El Shazly tour US/Canada

April 20 Anne Waldman New Orleans Poetry Festival New Orleans

April 8 Notable Deaths/Roshni Samlal/No Land/Daniel Carter/Luke Stewart NYC

March 11 Jarvis Earnshaw/Mike Green at Abasement Series, Max Fish NYC

Feb 20 Charles Hayward (This Heat) Merlin Nova, Valentina Ma London

Feb 18 Ingebrigt Haker Flaten, Joakim Heiboe Oslo

Feb 7-10 Yoshiko Chuma & The School Of Hard Knocks Berlin

Feb 2 Heroes Are Gang Leaders at Le Palmer de Rocher Bordeaux

Feb 1 Heroes Are Gang Leaders at Sons d’hiver Paris

Jan 24 William Parker’s ‘What It Is’ NYC

Jan 1 Anne Waldman at St. Mark’s Church NYC

Dec 16 Solo at Bar le Ritz MTL

Dec 13 Anne Waldman at UNAM Mexico City

Nov 16      Michael TA Thompson & Warren Smith NYC

Nov 14         Anne Waldman & Thurston Moore @ Poetry Project            NYC

Nov 10    Anne Waldman & Thurston Moore @ Walker Art Center Minneapolis

Oct 10 SOLO @ H0L0 NYC

Oct 8      Jarvis Earnshaw & Jeon Lim Yang @ Bushwick Improvised Series    NYC

Oct 7       William Parker & Patricia Nicholson @ Raza y Resistencia       NYC 

Sept 23 Devin Gray @ Downtown Music Gallery NYC

Sept 16              Anne Waldman @ In Gardens                                             NYC

Sept 14              Anne Waldman @ SPOONBILL                                          NYC 

Sept 12               Jack Walls @ NIAGRA                                                        NYC

Aug 6-12           Godspeed You! Black Emperor  tour US/Canada

June 29 William Parker Octet (feat. William Hooker and Cooper-Moore) @ The Stone, NYC

June 15             Tomi Simaputang at Geyger Art Gallery                            Berlin

June 9               Solo performance at Heath Baptist Church                   London, UK

June 8               Floy Krouchi at HANGAR                                                    Barcelona

June 2               Anne Waldman  @ Festival Poetas                                      Madrid

May 30              Anne Waldman @ La Corrala                                               Granada

May 20              Malcolm Mooney & Steve Shelley @ Schnabel's Studio      NYC                         

May 15               Heroes Are Gang Leaders @ Blues Alley                            DC  

April 30             Yoshiko Chuma @ Judson Church                                       NYC  

April 14    William Parker and Artists For A Free World at Trans-Pecos  NYC

April 2                      Land of Kush @  La Sala Rossa                                     MTL

March 24                 Land Of Kush @ The Aga Khan Museum                     Toronto

March 12 & 13        Godspeed You! Black Emperor @ Brooklyn Steel       NYC

March 5     James Brandon Lewis & Reggie Sylvester @ Bushwick Improvised Music Series

Feb 18        Daniel Carter and Malick Koly @ Downtown Music Gallery   NYC

Feb 16        Yoshiko Chuma, Megumi Eda and Jason Hwang @ ARAS      NYC

Feb 8                            Solo  performance @   ARTEXTE                              MTL

Jan 9    Anne Waldman, Reggie Sylvester & Hill Greene at Clemente Soto Velez          NYC

Jan 1    Yoshiko Chuma and Anne Waldman @ The Poetry Project, St Mark's Church NYC


Dec 15, 2017      Ziad Rajab and Evi Kazantzi at Studio Polytropon    Thessaloniki, Greece

Dec 2                      Makoto Sato and Leila Adu @ Bab-ilo                     Paris, France

Nov 4         Heroes Are Gang Leaders at Jazz Jantar Festival                    Gdansk, Poland

Nov 3         Heroes Are Gang Leaders at Crossing Border Festival            The Hague, Netherlands

Oct 31         Heroes Are Gang Leaders at Berlin Jazz Festival                     Berlin, Germany 

Oct 4                          Broken Social Scene @ Brooklyn Steel                  NYC

Sep 19             Anne Waldman at Pat Steir's exhibition @Levy Gorvy Gallery     NYC

Sep 9                          Malcolm Mooney  @ Buch Spieler Records          Montpellier, VT

Sep 3    Godspeed You! Black Emperor at Mile Ex End Musique Montréal         MTL

Sep 1    Malcolm Mooney, Alexis Marcelo and Baba Donn Babatunde House Show  NYC

July 28               Heroes Are Gang Leaders @ The Kennedy Center               Washington, DC

July 7                                  B R A H J A @ Resonance                MTL

June 5                        Heroes Are Gang Leaders @ Roulette                              NYC

June 3                    Heroes Are Gang Leaders at Vision Festival                       NYC

May 9                              Eleni Sikelianos  @ DIA                                     NYC   

April 28            Anne Waldman @ Brooklyn Folk Festival                     NYC

April 26          Ziad Qoullai @ Aquarium Theatre                          Rabat, Morocco 

April 21        El Habib Louai @ Marrakech Poetry Prose Symposium Marrakech, Morocco

April 18                                     Solo @ La Variable                                        Granada, Spain

April 7                         Solo @ How To Become A Cult Leader                     London, UK 

April 6 Thurston Moore, Malcolm Mooney, Pat Thomas & Steve Shelley @ Cafe Oto London

March 29          Itaru Oki & Makoto Sato @ Au Chat Noir             Paris, France



Wisdomatic Expedition (B RA H J A)

April 27 - June 3, 2016

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Everybody's in the Band Tour (B R A H J A)

November 17 - December 12, 2015

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