More soul than the devil can buy.
— The Mothership, Columbus OH

Formed in 2008, B R A H J A is a New York City/Montreal musical conspiracy reaching for the transmutation of timeless soul. The group tours extensively in North America. In 2016, the ensemble released its fifth album — wisdomatic — on Fast Speaking Music.  The group routinely takes in guest performers all over the map (e.g. NYC, Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, DC) and in so doing, proliferates a peace doctrine of radical inclusivity.  

Leader and New York saxophonist, Devin Brahja Waldman, has performed with Patti Smith, Thurston Moore, Malcolm Mooney (of Can), Lydia Lunch, Godspeed! You Black Emperor, Baba Donn Babatunde (of The Last Poets), Daniel Carter, Warren Smith and Sam Shalabi. He is a member of Heroes Are Gang Leaders— led by poet Thomas Sayers Ellis and saxophonist James Brandon Lewis. Since the age of ten, he has collaborated with his aunt, outrider poet Anne Waldman. As a young'un Waldman was mentored by pianist Paul Bley. In recent times, he studied under pianist Connie Crothers. Waldman is co-director of Fast Speaking Music— a NYC poetry and music label which has released the works of Amiri Baraka, Meredith Monk, Eileen Myles, CA Conrad, Joanne Kyger, Thurston Moore and many others. 

Core Unit

D Shadrach Hankoff     piano

Isis Giraldo     synthesizer and voice

Martin Heslop     bass

Daniel Gelinas     drums

Adam "Bones" Kinner      tenor saxophone

Devin Brahja Waldman     alto saxophone

Extended Family

Daniel Carter     winds & brass

Sam Shalabi       guitar 

Alexis Marcelo     synthesizer

Anais Maviel     percussion and voice

Margaret Morris     voice

Adam Zanolini     winds

Sarah Good         voice and keyboards

Annie Shaw         voice and keyboards

Connor Bennet  tenor saxophone

Marcus Elliot     tenor saxophone

Luke Stewart     bass

Jamal Moore     tenor saxophone

Heru Shabaka-ra     trumpet